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Posted by CJR on May 15, 19104 at 10:44:24:

In Reply to: Re: Barred Dutch posted by Marvin Carman on May 14, 19104 at 18:08:56:

Marvin, There are a number of Barred plumage descriptions in the ABA Standards. The Dutch is generally seen in Barred, as in Cuckoo and there are several breeders of Cuckoo in the U.S. and can be found in nice Dutch type. I have never seen one called Barred, here or in Holland. Cuckoo is not common in Holland, either, but most shows have a small entry.

The Carefoot book is out of print, but copies are still to be found with search on some Book websites. I got my copy some years ago, from Veronica Mayhew, Bookseller in England, who attends the larger shows in England and sometimes on the continent. Her address is: Trewena, Behoes Lane, Woodcote nr Reading RG8 OPP England. She will get a copy from time to time, has both new and used books, mainly Poultry. She will send a catalog. You can always ask your Library to search for a copy for you. And the other great volumne of Poultry Genetics is the Crawford book, also can be obtained by your Library.

On line, there is a Genetics file that might be useful:

Will send you another resouce address directly, it is online,also.

Might see you at Angel Camp?? I have hopes.


: :
: : Jeffrey refers to the Carefoot book, "Creative Poultry Breeding". There is a good section on the Barred and Mottled varieties.
: : In adding new varieties to Dutch Bantams in the U.S, we are limited in the sources (breeds) of those that are compatible (or more successful) with Dutch. Where the barred gene comes from (breed) makes a great difference in the outcome in the Dutch recipient, as it responds

: Do you happen to know where I can obtain a copy of Creative Poultry Breeding? I suspect that these Barred "Dutch" were created by crossing an OE Crele to a L.B. Dutch. There are signs that this might be the case.

: ferently in different breeds. Creation of "new" varieties in a breed, is a work of patience and sometimes years--but a stimulating project! CJR

: :
: : : I am a new member of ADBS, and I failed to send in my Breeds list. I have several varieties and have been working with them for some years.

: : : My question: I just received some Barred Dutch. Jaffrey's article states that a light-barred rooster mated to a black hen will produce all barred offspring. Does that black hen have to be out of barred breeding? It seems to me that if a hen requires only one barring gene to be barred, then a black hen does not carry the gene??? I have plenty of really good show-quality blacks and I would like to use some of these on these Barred to improve type. Hope someone can answer my question.

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