Little old tale!

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Posted by TiffsDutch on April 30, 19104 at 20:35:01:

Well I nottest that this message board has been a little unactive for a will and mabey a few tails would chear it up a bit.

Ok now I have a Light Brown Chockrele that I got from Ashley Pines. I got this cockrele free and bought two pullets from somewhone eals. Well I decided to take this little cockrele to a show and he got 1st in his class. Ok so now I dicided to get some new pullets from Ashley Pines also. I bought won of the pullets and Ashley Pines gave me one free. Well I decided to take all three of the dutch to a loacl show. There the free hen one RB and the cockrele got a 1st. The next show was a county fair where the Cockrele got 1st and the pullet got 1st. (the pullet I bought never whent to a show after that only the pair). Well I hatched out a little chockrele from that pair and he placed 1st at a show and the free cockrele got 1st and the free pullet got BB. Then finally after all those first placing with that free cockrele he won BB. Well two shows after that he has gotten a 1st in every class. I really love that little cockrele (now a cock) and if I can time it right he might get a BB at a really big show.

The next tale is not really a tale bt a intersting story of a six year old hen.

One morning I wake up only to see my mom crying and telling me that my entire flock of chickens had been eaten by a weasle. I was devistaed. I found out that my six year old hen had survived the attack. I was so please to hear that mi fist ever hen had survied. So I put her in with my breeders I had ready for a show that weekend. Well latter on we dicided to get a barn cat. she would stay in the barn and hopefully catch mice. Well another mornining I come out and find blood everywere in my chicken house. The six year old hen was the only one I left ou that night. We know it was a rat because the blood was in an eaten feed been. So that was bad enought that my chickens attacks the mice and rats will the cat doesn't even venture into my chicken house. She is terified of that six year old hen. Whats really funny is whent my six year old hen is in the yard and she sneaks up on the cat and attacks her full flare and the cat is terrified. I have a better gard chicken than our cat and our dog put together. Me and my mom think this hen will never die.

Well I hope these tales will chear you up a bit they are true and the six year old hens name is Charollet featured in my story I wrought call a Chickens Life. I hope to get it published.


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