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Posted by CJR on February 02, 19104 at 19:37:39:

In Reply to: Jean on BLB if you have time posted by Deb on February 02, 19104 at 15:13:29:

:Deb, Am hopeful of having this Board divided into several catagories, as the COOP is. Then, we can get the BLB info back together and keep it going (there is no end, really!)

Why are not more BLB exhibited? Recessive varieties do not seem to be as uniform in offspring, because those genes react to all of the genes of the dominant variety. No recessive in poultry plumage color is a "simple" recessive, with uniform color in the offspring It is much harder to get the standard in young BLB birds, which we have come to believe are the ideal ages to exhibit. And the color will change somewhat with every moult, especially with the females. If you want to exhibit BLBs, it may be necessary to keep a number of them, not necessarily breed more and more! At any given time, some will be better for exhibition according to the standard, and hens may be several years old!

Females will sometimes have clumping of blue or brown on their wing or body plumage. And it may be gone after another moult. My hen that is 10-11 years old, pretty well keeps her best color now, and after each moult, is almost the same as previously. She changed a little, each molt, over the years. I guess she does have a little more feather color showing at the tip of each body feather this winter--was looking at her closely this aftenoon, but she has kept the tan body feather and dark blue peppering. (She still looks like a pullet!!)

Hope she will lay again this spring. I have no daughter now. Her last daughter, BLB, was hatched in 2001 (Ric has her--a survivor of the tragedy). And that daughter produced a BLB pullet and a BLB cockerel for me 2002 Kristi Anderson has them now. (they are pictured on Don Karasek's 2004 poultry calendar.) I have only the old BLB hen in that variety for this year. I, do, however, have a Splash hen that is a distant grgrgrgrdaughter of this old BLB hen, and she can give me BLBs, if I decide to raise any this year.

There was only 1 Blue Partridge cockerel and 1 Blue Partridge pullet shown at the STafford Show in England in December. And in Holland, the entry is never large. They do not show offcolor birds and even if there are a number of BLBs at the breeder's home, they will not be brought to the show, if not quite good color.

I have a couple of pictures of the pullet at Stafford, closeups (which often exaggerate such things as shafting because of flash reflection). I can send them to you directly. But I do hope there will be the capability of posting such pictures on this site, soon.

Yes, let's get back to an exchange of variety information--all varieties, but would be nice to get more about the BLB first.

(Roger wants female CLB info--that can come along, too.) I have a new picture of CLB female color, too. It will be on my website soon. The winning Yellow Partridge cockerel (and RB) at the Stafford Show--175 Dutch, is also available to anyone who wishes to see him. I have sent out a few.


Jean I have alot of questions being posed to me about BLB's if you have spare or free time could you put up some sound and good information as to the variety. We kinda left this discussion hanging a ways back.

: Deb

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