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Posted by CJR on January 19, 19104 at 13:22:49:

Roger and Neil. I am sure this is being discussed right now. Juniors have always had the same vote that other members have had. I think the dues change was never talked about, just pushed. The treasury was low and a raise in dues (remember that postage alone is a major cost for many organizations these days!) was necessary to keep the Club solvent. At one time, there was no problem, with the $10 dues. And it could be that way again. We do not get Treasurers reports nor do we participate in Budget development. I am sure these things are changing!

For information: I have offered Dutch Bantam Mugs (2 colors this last shipment--and when they are gone, I will order 3 color mugs). They have been available for any Show that requests them, and I mail them to the District Director where the show is held. I have always included Mugs for Junior Show winners&/or Showmanship winners. There will surely be a network for Junior Awards when our new officers are able to do some reorganization of Committees, etc.

Our Junior leadership--Deb Porter, Neil, Brad, will be involved. Remember, we are only 2 weeks into a new administration--but all suggestions are welcome and will be worked into a new program! This will take a little time, so be patient, but good things will happen as soon as they can!

Also, I purchased some APA Black and White Standards books for Junior Show winners, when they were on sale. These were ignored by the Pres/Sec. I have given several to Montana Jr Dutch exhibitors and still have several just waiting for recipients.

It is not possible for me to attend many shows, I am glad to offer some awards in lieu of cost of attending shows. Others may likewise be glad to participate in this way. Ei, 5-6 dozen mugs costs about the same as an airline ticket to any one show, for me. A clearing house for Show awards will be a possibility.

And not to forget the Youth who cannot show their birds for many reasons, a program for "home breeders" for youth can also be rewarding for those members. But 4H records are perhaps a better basis for recognition for this activity, than a Club that covers the whole U.S. All are things to talk about. And talk, we will, and not receive a blank "NO", and polite consideration will be given.

This site may have some changes, and a section for Youth might be useful--or perhaps using one of the established sites, such as THE CHRONICLES or TRUE BANTAM sites might be designated for Youth to communicate??? There will be lots of ideas coming forth in the next weeks and months--and this ADBS will go forward!!

Junior Dues might require some by-laws changes, maybe not--but be assured it is a subject that will be considered. CJR

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