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Posted by rani on January 13, 19104 at 09:07:03:

In Reply to: Cream Light Brown - Color of Female posted by CJR on June 14, 19103 at 19:50:43:

: Suggested corrections, which will make the Standard for female CLB Dutch, similar to the standards of The Netherlands, Britain, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Italy, South Africa:

: Color of female

: COMB, FACE & WATTLES: Bright red
: BEAK: Bluish horn
: EYES: Reddish bay
: Earlobes: White
: SHANKS & TOES: Slaty blue

: Head: Creamy yellow

: NECK: Hackle - creamy yellow wity a black middle stripe. Throat yellowy white, Front of neck ;light orange.
: BACK: Greyish cream or Creamy Grey feather surface, each entire feather finely stippled with black.

: (NOTE: the present proposed standard states "the creamy brown predominating, more importance is attached to fineness and evenness of stippling and freedom from shafting THAN TO A PARTICULAR SHADE OF COLOR") This statement is contradictory because if it says that one shade shall be predominating, then states that the stippling and lack of shafting is more important--WELL, IT DOES NOT MAKE EITHER the one for the standard. I propose this entire section be deleted. If the "greyish cream" OR "Creamy grey" is accepted as the feather color--it IS the unexposed feather color behind the stippling.

: While NOT the light brown of a Light Brown female: The effect produced will be an allover sheen of soft, LIGHT Greybrown or Greyish Cream,- and the body feather will have a grey fluff.

: TAIL: Main tail - dull black, two top feathers to be the same as the BACK. Coverts - same as the BACK.

: WINGS: Shoulders, Fronts, Bows and Coverts, - same as BACK. Primaries - slate, the outer web slightly edged with: GREYISH CREAM . Secondaries - slate, the outer web greyish cream, finely stippled with black.

: BREAST: (Newest recommendation from Hollandse Krielenfokkers Club--differentiates from the Light Brown female breast color!)

: Orange salmon, fading to paler orange underneath.

: BODY & STERN: Exposed portion of all feathers, a greyish cream (OR creamy gray) stippled with black, free from shafting. Stern - slate tinged with creamy gray.

: LOWER THIGHS, Creamy Grey with some stippling


: (None are listed on any other Standards)

: DEFECTS: Any mismarked feathers. Any splashing or colored feathers in black parts of male, any rust or silver in wings of female.
: Pencilling or vermiculation in female body. (no need to state AGAIN that the feathers should be finely stippled over the entire--exposed surface right out to the very edge of the feather.)

: Note: in no place does it state that "excessive white fluff at base of male tail" is a fault, . . and what amount would be considered "excessive"?

: Would be glad to have any back and forth discussion about the CLB Standard. The breeding of any variety according to a Standard--is a goal. To reach the "best" of each variety may take a lifetime of selective breeding. But every bird has merit and is the result of, and a step toward each successive generation--- toward breeding to the Standard. To let mediocre or "easy" colors be the standard, should not be our "destiny" to the future--or the best we can do for our Dutch Bantams. We are following a long breeding tradition of the CLB in other countries and I hope we will uphold the Standard that has been set.


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