Cooping Bantams for safety

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Posted by CJR on November 08, 19103 at 16:34:24:

In Reply to: keeping my bantams in the yard and coop posted by gaffey on November 08, 19103 at 11:47:42:

Gaffy, Chickens can learn some habits fairly easily. Feed is usually the training medium. Where are your feeders and waterers now located? Out of the coop? Move them into the coop. If you have a daily feeding schedule, which includes scratch, a whistle or call to your birds every time you repeat the feeding, will soon get their attention--and most will soon come on call. If the scratch is fed late afternoon and only in the coop, most should come on the run, very shortly. THEN close them in the coop for the night. Roost should be convenient shape and height for your birds. Do they have nests in the coop? If not, this, too, can keep the hens in and out of the coop during the day--and finding that their food and water is right there, will make it easier to lure then in for the night.

We love to have free ranging when we have such good and large areas for them to roam. However, Bantams are just as content to be somewhat confined, as long as the numbers do not cause crowding and little "discussions" to take place among them that lead to battles, large or small! I would never risk my bantams to free range on my 160 acres of alfalfa, grain fields, woods and wetlands. But I have so many different varmits that to keep my birds safe, I have no choice but to have them safely penned--but not crowded ever, overhead netting, and tightly closed in their houses at night. Good luck, CJR

: I have 20 bantams 4 roosters and 16 hens. We live on a 50 acre pecan orchard. I have a nice coop set up but they will not go inside they like to roost in the pecan trees or the woods around the orchard. with bobcats, owls, hawks, and coyote in the area I am worried about their safety. I don't want to pen them up with all the land to be free, but I want the most of them to stay in the coop. any suggestions would be great. thank you

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