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Posted by CJR on October 27, 19103 at 15:12:36:

In Reply to: New subject posted by Rog on October 27, 19103 at 01:39:04:

Roger, You know, I do not wear anything black (might, if the election doesn't help the Dutch Bantam) and do not choose black Dutch or any other black poultry. Why? Well, I like color. I do have a Border Collie--but LOTS of white. And she was given to me! However, I do admire a good Dutch Bantam in any variety. At the Black qualifier at Decatur, there were several very good Blacks. They were not the winners, but I cannot tell you who owned those GOOD Blacks. I was busy with the LBs and CLBs and I recall that there were some very nice Blue Silvers--rare. Wish we had an catalog at our shows, that listed the birds and their placings, as well as the owners, so we could make some contacts that would be helpful in planing our own breeding improvements. I treaure the show results from England, Holland (Germany's was as large as a city telephone directory, but I have the Dutch Bantam pages.) But one day Shows do not benefit any one except the exhibitors. I believe that any Qualifier should be a 2-day Show to "Showcase" the new variety. I recall the Silver Fawn OEGB Qualifier at Hillsboro, OR--it was a real fanfare for those birds. Even I wandered down the aisle to gaze at the (then) unusual color.
So, if you could get the listing of the Blacks at Decatur, you might locate some birds that would be useful. They were there! CJR

: Ok Lets keep this going. I know this a sore subject with some. I really feel we can discuse this subject on this board and be civil about it. Breeding OEG into the Dutch to create a new color. I personaly think that is the problem with alot of our colors. Heck I have it with my blue and black birds. Have mass bred them for 4 years. Twice a year. So thats 8 generations. And I still don`t have correct Dutch type. Have 1 black cockerel this year that may be the best I have ever bred. But you know what ? I don`t have a better hen than him to breed him to. Couple maybe as good , but none better. Guess I raised AQHA horses to long. 10 great mares can make a sorry stud. But a great stud can not make 10 sorry mares. So what I look for in my birds is the good hens. And a good cock to put on them. It`s sure hard to do sometimes. This is the fun part for me. The best bred to the best does not always produse the best. Thats where the breeding and blood lines come in. Both top and bottom side. And another thing I have found out on the good sires. There mothers were double bred and the sire was an outcross. Not. He went back to the same breeding as the females. Only several generations back. So lets go Guys. Rog

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