Sorry, Deb,

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Posted by CJR on October 21, 19103 at 00:34:52:

Sorry, Deb, but I think both messages deleted. And maybe you will again state that some breeders do not use the Standard seriously. Without it, we have nothing!

I wanted to cite again, how much I like the way the judging (coop) cards are used in Holland. The STandarda are rated with points, same as ours, but the judge writes on the card, so you know where your points are! Total points indicates a final "letter" score: This way, the Best of Breed, who will have the highest score, may actually not have a very high one! He is the best at that show, but maybe only a G or VG score, just no better birds there that day--and clearly posted for all to see, and most important, the owner of the bird, who knows just where is bird is deficient. Few Dutch ever receive the coveted U Score, but those who do not, know just what they need to work on! An F score is much to be sought after, next to the important U score. At a large show, there may be no U scores, but a number of F scores in a class, and then the judges must evaluate the points and choose the Best of Breed, from the level of points.

Every breeder of Dutch is not a breeder of Exhibition Dutch. And every exhibitor cannot be a winner, but that does not mean our shows should be limited only to those who turn out top exhibition birds (or purchase them). It is a good activity, with challenges, lots to learn and a chance for some great frienships and sharing. Competition should be for pleasure, and winning should not the most important thing, especially when our Show's method of awarding placings and a BB may not mean anything about the real quality of the winning bird or all the birds shown at any given show. It is just the judges oppinion of the placings. After all, it is only the Judge's call for placings, and each of us should be proud of every bird we enter.

I am sorry, Deb, it was an important statement that you posted. CJR

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