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Posted by CJR on October 16, 19103 at 12:30:31:

In Reply to: Re: My take on fluff posted by Kristi on October 15, 19103 at 20:27:35:

Kristi, First, error on post. NOT hackle covering the fluff, but Saddle feathers may cover some or all of the fluff, when the saddle is "wide". Wide, viewed from the side, from front to back, Long, from back down to the wing tip, on the best plumage. I have noted that the highest scoring birds in Holland do not have SHORT backs, and yet not LONG backs, but something longer than the early U.S. Dutch were encouraged to have, and longer than many that we see today. It allows the nice curve up to the 50 degree tail angle that is desired. Many of our show males carry their tails too high. But all of these observations require viewing the bird moving about, as the angles change, if the birds reaches down, backs into the cage side, you know, does not hold the classic best profile at all times! Unfortunately, many of our pictures are snapped at just one fleeting moment, and may not truly catch a birds quality.
A U score bird will not look it, at all moments, but the few really GREAT birds cannot seem to make a wrong move. That tail, hackle and saddle are important to maintain, and this is the place where improvement of the breed has been lacking over the years in the U.S. Smallness was emphasized for a long time, and while it is very important not to exceed weight standard of birds exhibited, "as small as possible" is a backward breeding goal. We do see some birds that are "too small". But never too much saddle! CJR

"too small"

: Jean, with respect to your comments regarding appropriate saddles, could you help me to better understand what you mean by "the saddle should be wide (as well as long)...." Do you mean "wide" across the back from side to side? And, "long" being the length of the saddle feathers themselves or "long" being the length of back that the saddle feathers cover? And I'm not clear about the white fluff being covered up by the hackle feathers. Help!

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