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Posted by CJR on October 11, 19103 at 00:46:36:

In Reply to: Re: ID on cockerels and cocks posted by Kristi on October 10, 19103 at 12:39:44:

Kristi, What seems to be effective in breeding great tails, is not just a cock with a great tail, but the female should be considered, too, for her influence, and certainly the female with the full cushion, riding high as possible up the tail, is a veryu important selection in breeding the wonderful males. It IS a matter of selection of the breeding birds. And still we can miss getting the right genes together. But it is up to us to choose the best features for tails--and then maybe the comb will not be good--or ear lobes will be folded and lopsided. It is just plain challenging to get all we want on one bird and then be able to choose a mate that will carry on with the glamour! CJR

And Deb, that great cock 11G, that was BB at Richmond, his first show at nearly two years old, has a wide point on his comb, which does sometimes appear on his offspring, not a bad feature, but certainly not a perfect Dutch comb!

: : Jean, I would sure like to hear the key to getting full tails with lots of lesser sickles. You mentioned the females are the key. Is the key abundant female cushion feathers that go up 2/3rd of the tail?

: : Top row. l to r. Pics 1,2, COCK 11Y, my leading breeding cock. Pic3, COCK 13Y, in FL and siring some great birds. I have a daughter and sent 2 daughters to Ric, that were hard to part with. I also have a Mar30 hatched son, that I have been keeping for just the right home. ???

: : Second row, Pic1, cockerel #1G at Decatur, lst LB K. Pic2, cockerel #11G, BB Richmond, 2001. Pic3 cockerel #2G MI. These full brothers, were just 3 out of 20, almost all which were great birds and some are still great producers.

: : When I finish with NoordShow, England and Germany albums on my website, there will be an album of just my birds, growing up, and you will see some of the other brothers of these boys. I still have their mother, #19P, and have recently sent off some promising BLBs hatched out of her eggs, and I still have a BLB cockerel and two of her pullets, May 30 hatch, by the BLB cockerel that was BV at Lucasville in May, that I just can't part with right now--but will, later. Great birds show promise by 8-10 weeks, but you cannot be SURE until 10 mos to a year for cockerels, 6-7 mos. for pullets.

: : I have a truly promising LB cockerel, May hatch, sired by a 1/2 brother to the above mentioned, LB cockerels. Am keeping him on watch. . Maybe I should send him to you?? He has 3 full sisters that I am sorting out their new home--need to make room for the 20 LB and BLB and Splash babies. The 6 Splash are spoken for, also some of the others, and they are just 7-8 weeks old. Unfortunately most are cockerels, but there should be some good ones. One lady is taking 2 Ks. I think I sentyou the picture of the BLB cock I am using now?? If not, I will, and some of the chicks are from that pen, one or two from a CLB pullet.

: : I have seen few male Dutch at a show in Europe, without full tail and many lesser sickles--it is the first thing you see! No one wants to hear why we do not have more of them here in the U.S., so I won't repeat the answer now! But the females carry part of the story.

: : I don't have spell-check on the Discussion board, so may have to delete this after I post??

: : CJR

: :
: : : First row 2nd pic now that shows sickles the same as 3rd row second pic the length of the lesser sickels Jean. No way I'll never get that Oh my gosh. What is the history on the 3rd row second pic of the cock?
: : : I need to go back to the drawing board, my females yes they ae good real good but the males should I feed them more Jean LOL

: : : Deb

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