Crow wing verses Duckwing

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Posted by Deb on October 08, 19103 at 12:43:22:

In Reply to: Re: Could we discuss the breeding of BLB posted by Ken on October 03, 19103 at 12:38:52:

Well Jean is going to have to fill in the gaps where I lack in knowledge here.and tails are going to fit into type as Jean has wonderfully explained for us ;O)

Crow wing and duckwing have genetic differences and patterns. May look alike at a quick glance but the geneitc breeding pattern is unique. LB are crow wing and crow wings are often used to enhance things such as stripping in hackles. Duck wings such as your silvers and goldens are used often to show stippleing in patterns, enhance. but when cross these two patterns you will either loose something in males or females , more often it is in males. We have seen the taking of a duckwing (golden) crossing with a crow wing (LB) will produce wonderfully patterned silver females (not to breed true) and producing unexceptable males (red shoulders). With my limited knowledge concerning the splash and this subject, but understanding to a degree is why I choose LB to BLB crosses to keep the stripping in hackle. The duck wing ( golden) when breed with a BLB produced no acceptable males but did produce better definition in hackle on females, but almost removed the brown stipple pattern in the backs and enhanced the blue, more of a dark gray blue. This is why I believe the BLB is such an indegenous color to the Dutch , and in keeping cannot be breed in the same manner as done with typically and duck wing varieties as the golden and only has positive results with the crow wing as found in the LB. This is why I think we need more insight to the color of the BLB. It does not fit into anything I have read so far. but I am limited. You cannot really go off of complete blue genetics and not sure if you can classify them as crow wing or duck wing. Though they show more tendencies of a crow wing, barring and stripping. Like I have stated before I understand some of this and have seen it applied but not very good at explaining it.


: Deb,
: One of the most interesting things I am seeing in the breeding of BLB's is the lack of the blue stripe in the hackle. I admit I have some BLB pullets that have very dark striping, if it is blue at all. Not at all the same color as the body. What I have finally seen ( in some recent acquisitions) is the correct color in the feathering of the female BLB's. Maybe someone could shed some light on why the males in BLB don't seem to have the tails of the LB's even when you have the right gene combinations. Does it have something to do with the blue gene as in the Blue variety of Dutch? Sure would like to hear pthers comments.

: Ken Crooked Oak Bantams

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