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Posted by Deb on October 08, 19103 at 11:58:46:

In Reply to: Show promo can be encouraged posted by CJR on October 07, 19103 at 22:12:26:

Granted some of the more "respectable shows" Nationals and such should always have some type of display or avenue for direct contact and information.

but I would like to point out that the annual show here, to which we have been the host for the ABA and APA nationals is above average with entries as high as 1800 to 2000 on a regular basis.

Do we have anyone out here representing us LOL in any capacity? I would have very much appreciated knowing at the ABA National.

Not trying to start an argument but would really like to know. I think we are over looked alot is that because we have no one representing and doing the necessary paperwork or having contact. I know the poultry club has plans on bidding again.


: While the "Club" has offered plaques for Nationals, it has been left up to either District Directors or just anyone in the Show Club to do any Dutch displays or promotion.

: In 1999, the joint APA/ABA Show at Columbus was a National Dutch Meet. Dennis Pearce and I put together a lot of printouts. I have some great stuff, Dennis made a poster of Dutch Photos, and we got a table right near the Dutch cages. It was a really busy table, LOTS of interest in the Dutch. New members. We reserved a meeting room, I ordered in Pizza, and we talked about problems in breeding Dutch. Hans Schippers, from Holland was there, we had drawings for Holland Posters---and Hans brought us more.

: Most everything has been done by just two or three people at the local level of the Club and there are a number of members willing to do more, if allowed. There could be a member heading the Breed Promotion to collect materials for Shows to use or printout~ suggestions for Club help have brought --no response. I bought some APA Standards books on sale, and offered them to the Club for Youth awards. Not accepted, and we still do not have anyone or a committee to work with the Youth with Dutch. There are lots of them!

: Last May, District 5 Meet was set for the Expo at Great Falls, Montana. Roy asked about it the winter prior. Word was sent to Roy after the Club meeting in May, by the Club Secretary, who asked for the report papers, as well as being notified with a letter that I wrote. Told Roy I was sending the Plaques and a number of other awards for the Show. Koralynn wrote to say that she had not heard from Roy (June). We both wrote again. No response. It was posted on the Dutch Breed Board. Koralynn wrote again just before Premium books were printed--no response. It never appeared on the ADBS Board. You have noticed that I never post on the ADBS Board--webmistress wrote to me NEVER to write again (over 2 years ago). I have not.

: With new officers, perhaps a person can head Promotion materials to be available for persons contacted, to have a table--and plan a meeting of Dutch Exhibitors with a subject for discussion, maybe food and coffee!

: Last weekend, my daughter set up the NBC affiliate station photographer to come to the Great Falls Show, did a nice clip with Jim Adkins and some neat birds. He had never heard of a poultry Show before and had a blast==said to be sure to let him know the next one, and he had the Newspaper, which is part of the station, do a nice article the day of the Show!

: The District Meet Plaques were awarded! There were 5 Junior exhibitors with 16 Dutch, really nice birds , well prepared, and 4 of the exhibitors were in Showmanwship, with Sr Ch and Reserve Ch going to sisters, each with their Dutch pullets! I hope Roy will send that material to the Show committee--will have some pictures up later! It was a really nice show!!

: APA Semi-annual will be in Montana next April, Billings, MT. Here is the notice for a District Meet--please send materials to the Montana Poultry Fanciers!!!!!! CJR


: : Ric gave Wayne the board a couple of weeks ago, and he brought it to this years National. There were club info flyers, and also Larry Smith made packets that had the history, varieties, etc.

: : : At the national 2 years ago here we had zippo. I ended up running and making copies of my stuff to hand out. I think it should be an essential thing at shows, maybe more so at Nationals but some of our other shows have a vast number of entries like here in November where on average almost 2000. Alot of the stuff we could pull right off line.

: : : Deb

: : : : Deb,
: : : : Some good ideas. If I'm not mistaken, the Club has a display that Ric has asked several times for new pictures to update it with, even as recent as the National's in Ohio.. But sadly, I think he has not had much response. But that does not mean that with some persistence and perserverance it wouldn't work. I think everyone will agree that diligence is the key, in Club affairs, promotion and in breeding.
: : : : Ken: We all discuss ways to promote the breed and the club well here are some ideas based upon observations.

: : : : : Shows are the one of the best avenues for all that gather or visit have so many question with some even seeking a particular breed and specific information. It would be nice if clubs and breeders had some type of flyer giving some detail of the breed , lisitng varieties, maybe some history and definatly club information. It could be a one page or two page type flyer. Something handy, being that many times a breeder is distracted by exhibiting, and would make the inquierer less frustrated by receiving something that day and not have to make a call or wait for the mail. So many times we exchange numbers only to have them lost in the shuffle of a show.

: : : : : I would love to see each show have some type of display table, nothing big could be in a corner but totally focused and representative of the Dutch. Layed out with contact informatin maybe some pics. A gathering spot for Dutch breeders who come in, touch base hang out when they are not pacing the floor. Easily recognisable by others who may not be club members, or who are new to the breed and exhibiting. A friendly spot maybe some coffee and donuts , but an example of what we have to offer , hospitality and information. Reprints of past articles, variety descriptions, type descriptions, there is a host of material that we could make readily available to folks.

: : : : : Included in that stuff for our young people. Poultry information, club information that pertains to their age group. There are alot of kids that show Dutch that are not club members. Here they could get hands on information, that they could present to their parents. Sometimes parents need to know or have validation of their dollar. Help the kids to feel like in joining they are part of something.

: : : : : Not everyone has access to the internet for speedy replies and information.

: : : : : Ok tell me what you think.

: : : : : Deb

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