where and how did BLB's originate

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Posted by CJR on October 07, 19103 at 17:18:53:

In Reply to: Jean, where and how did BLB's originate posted by Deb on October 07, 19103 at 15:54:21:

: Jean lets go back a bit and could you tell us how the variety BLB came about? I think if I knew part of that I might understand just a wee better.

: Deb
Deb, Perhaps the new Dutch Bantam Book will give some additional history of the breed that has not been published previously, including varieties. I do not know the origin of the Blue Light Brown. It is a Dutch Bantam variety for sure, from long ago.

Some of the early vanGink paintings show Jungle Fowl with blue plumage (with different feather patterns and really not chicken-like.) How did the Asians domesticate and mix fowl that more closely resemble todays poultry??? We do not really know, but a number of persons are seeking answers. I have Bill Plants mimeographed book II with results of his searches in the South Pacific, the originals are with Dr Corti in Italy. Upon his death, Dr Elio Corti continued the search throughout Eurasia with help of many. His "Origins of Domestic Fowl" is published in 3 volumes, in Italian. There is supposed to be a Japanese treatise, by the Crown Prince of Japan on Poultry origins in the Orient. The Blue feather and subsequently, the Blue Light Brown Dutch Bantam are hidden in some of those foreign volumes!

Some of the early vanGink paintings were done between 1909-1916, for a 4 volume works. Many followed for other books. 1935-57, vanGink illustrated and wrote the Standards of all Holland breeds--(5 volumes) up to 450 drawings. There were 100 watercolors of 24, mainly Dutch Breeds, 1943-44. I do not think there is any other Poultryman/writer/artist/who has worked with poultry in so many countries. He was General Secretary of the first World Poultry Congress at The Hague, in 1921. This important Poultry Congress still meets regularly. (And note that Mike Banks, Sec/Treas of the Dutch Bantam Club of Britain has been a recent delegate to that meeting, last time in Brussels, Belgium).

Sorry no definitive answer, Deb, but with no other breeds showing the same variety, you can be sure it became developed by the Dutch breeders LONG ago. (Blue Red may have developed parallel, but is not the same at all.)

Other information welcomed! CJR

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