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Posted by Domestic on August 07, 19103 at 14:26:30:

I have been discussing some tail genetics and this was passed on to me;

I know the early and developmental history of the Dutch bantam. The Dutch were the only Europeans who had trade with Japan during the Edo period. They thus imported many unusual forms of Japanese (and other oriental) bantams. The Dutch bantam descends from early small shokoku and proto-ohiki-like birds (in other words, longtails) that were imported to Holland in the 16 and 1700's. They were then bred over other small bantams from European extraction and other parts of the orient to create the early forms of the Dutch. It is the longtail genetics that give the better lines of Dutch the full, longer tails. Thus they practically are just a phoenix bantam, by another name. Same leg color, same earlobe color, same full, multiple feathered tails. All that is missing is the extra length and the name, lol. They have the exact same lines of descent as many lines of phoenix bantam and many lines of phoenix bantam were made with Dutch and imported longtails. The phoenix bantam was just made in other countries (Germany, England, the US, ect) from later imports. They all descend from shokoku one way or the other, as it was the original longtail in Japan, imported from China over five hundred years ago.


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