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Posted by Brian on June 27, 19103 at 18:01:08:

In Reply to: CLB Dutch! posted by TiffsDutch on June 27, 19103 at 15:33:52:

TiffsDutch, You may be on to something. The confusion comes from calling them both Dutch. The birds with OEG and others in their background should be called AMERICAN BANTAMS and be supported and promoted by the American Bantam Society. The Dutch Bantam Club could then concentrate on promoting and educating fanciers about the only kind of Dutch Bantam. I am aware of three lines of pure Dutch in the U.S.. The Enninga and Shurman imports came in in the 90's and are LB, BLB, and Silver. From LB breeding they will ocasionally throw birds with CLB influence. With selective breeding it will be possible to establish correctly colored CLB birds. The other is LeJean Marshalls line which consists of LB,BLB,CLB,BCLB, and Silver. His line is a blend of original Fugate birds from 50+ years ago along with his own Canadian imports 30 years back along with recent blending in of the above 90's imports.
The above bloodlines are becoming more distributed and are avalible to thoughs that search them out. CJR, does a great job of trying to get people in touch with breeders of real Dutch. With a club commited to real Dutch they should be even easier to aquire in the future. I have heard that Ric suggested the ADBS set-up a help a beginer program to help people get started right. I understand this idea did not go over with the present ADBS leadership. This could be looked into more to get 4-H'ers started with good birds. Possibly a state by state network of breeders willing to donate eggs to local youth.
Lets here some more ideas for change. There sure needs to be some! I would like to have a Dutch Club to support, but as the ADBS is now I cannot be a member. Brian

: I have been listening to you all talk about the color discription af the CLB and after you all have slowed down I will try to say something. I have come up with a plan. If we could divide the birds into two differnet catigories Such as Holland Dutch Bantams,
: and American Dutch Bantams mabey those who have breed there birds there way can enter them in the right class causing less confusion and sooner or later the birds might become two totaly different breeds then we could do the colors and put them into the right catigory. This may seam like alot of work but with time and patience it might just work.
: I might be young but I still think us Juniors should have a chance to say what we think is right. And if we dont have a choice to do this I would adopt the American Standerd concidering not many people have true holland breed dutch most have American breed dutch.

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