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Posted by CJR on June 14, 19103 at 19:50:43:

Suggested corrections, which will make the Standard for female CLB Dutch, similar to the standards of The Netherlands, Britain, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Italy, South Africa:

Color of female

COMB, FACE & WATTLES: Bright red
BEAK: Bluish horn
EYES: Reddish bay
Earlobes: White
SHANKS & TOES: Slaty blue

Head: Creamy yellow

NECK: Hackle - creamy yellow wity a black middle stripe. Throat yellowy white, Front of neck ;light orange.
BACK: Greyish cream or Creamy Grey feather surface, each entire feather finely stippled with black.

(NOTE: the present proposed standard states "the creamy brown predominating, more importance is attached to fineness and evenness of stippling and freedom from shafting THAN TO A PARTICULAR SHADE OF COLOR") This statement is contradictory because if it says that one shade shall be predominating, then states that the stippling and lack of shafting is more important--WELL, IT DOES NOT MAKE EITHER the one for the standard. I propose this entire section be deleted. If the "greyish cream" OR "Creamy grey" is accepted as the feather color--it IS the unexposed feather color behind the stippling.

While NOT the light brown of a Light Brown female: The effect produced will be an allover sheen of soft, LIGHT Greybrown or Greyish Cream,- and the body feather will have a grey fluff.

TAIL: Main tail - dull black, two top feathers to be the same as the BACK. Coverts - same as the BACK.

WINGS: Shoulders, Fronts, Bows and Coverts, - same as BACK. Primaries - slate, the outer web slightly edged with: GREYISH CREAM . Secondaries - slate, the outer web greyish cream, finely stippled with black.

BREAST: (Newest recommendation from Hollandse Krielenfokkers Club--differentiates from the Light Brown female breast color!)

Orange salmon, fading to paler orange underneath.

BODY & STERN: Exposed portion of all feathers, a greyish cream (OR creamy gray) stippled with black, free from shafting. Stern - slate tinged with creamy gray.

LOWER THIGHS, Creamy Grey with some stippling


(None are listed on any other Standards)

DEFECTS: Any mismarked feathers. Any splashing or colored feathers in black parts of male, any rust or silver in wings of female.
Pencilling or vermiculation in female body. (no need to state AGAIN that the feathers should be finely stippled over the entire--exposed surface right out to the very edge of the feather.)

Note: in no place does it state that "excessive white fluff at base of male tail" is a fault, . . and what amount would be considered "excessive"?

Would be glad to have any back and forth discussion about the CLB Standard. The breeding of any variety according to a Standard--is a goal. To reach the "best" of each variety may take a lifetime of selective breeding. But every bird has merit and is the result of, and a step toward each successive generation--- toward breeding to the Standard. To let mediocre or "easy" colors be the standard, should not be our "destiny" to the future--or the best we can do for our Dutch Bantams. We are following a long breeding tradition of the CLB in other countries and I hope we will uphold the Standard that has been set.


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