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Posted by CJR on June 04, 19103 at 11:41:51:

In Reply to: Re: Blue & BB red Dutch bantams posted by Malte Thielking on June 04, 19103 at 10:43:24:

Malte, BBRed is Donker Patrijs, the "wild color" similar to Jungle Fowl, and when seen in the U.S., may indicate crosses with Old English Game Bantams in the background breeding of a Dutch. The variety is not ever shown in The Netherlands, and the dark red is very difficult to remove from a line, if introduced, as is the dominant Mahogany gene, MhMh. The 50th Anniversary Book of vanGink paintings, describes the BBRed color in the background of todays bantams: . . .In the early 1900s, the Patrijs was seen in both Licht and Donker Patrijs (vanGink paintings), and was seen in the little bantams of Drente, Twente, Brabant and adjoining German areas, but as Breeds became Standardized, this color was considered as too "commom", and the present varieties became standardized. The Donker Patrijs bantam is the ancestor (1800s)of the Dutch and German Bantams, but looked so much like the common "farm-bantams, that by 1906, when the Dutch Bantam was admitted to the Standard, the present Licht Patrijs (Light Brown in the U.S.) became the "flagship" color of the Dutch Bantam, and the Donker Patrijs no longer bred or shown. It could be responsible for the carryover of darker saddle feathers than hackle feathers, on the Patrijs and BlauPatrijs.
The Black Breasted Red in the OEGB does not have a black stripe in the hackle of the male. The Blue Red, is also an OEGB color, again, with darker hackle and saddle, and lacking hackle stripe. For the Dutch Bantam, BBRed is not desirable.

And for pictures, go to the Old English Game Bantam to see BBRed. CJR

: : I am interested in talking with a Dutch bantam breeder of blue, black, and bb red in the Tennessee/Kentucky area.

: Do you have any pictures of bb red birds? (or anybody else)

: Malte

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