Cream Light Brown Ruling

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Posted by Ric Ashcraft on May 30, 19103 at 17:07:57:

Following is a message I received from Walt Leonard and the decision reached after the review of the CLB at the Lucasville Show:

"We looked at the birds shown at Lucasville and reviewed the feathers that several Dutch breeders submitted for review.

After going over this for several hours in our motel room Saturday night we arrived at what we hope will be a solution to the description.

As you know the original description for the qualifying meet at Muscle Shoals was submitted by the
Dutch club after a consensus was reached at Richmond .

Unfortunately the qualifying judge did not "see" the color description fitting the female birds entered.

Our proposal after reviewing all feathers sent in, is to describe the back of the CLB female Dutch using
this description. Creamy grayish brown, surface finely
stippled with black, the creamy brown predominating etc............ balance is the same description as Dutch Club revision 2/17/03.

The Standard Committee sees the variations in color in
the CLB Dutch that we many times see in other
female varieties, like: Blue Red, Fawn, Silver and
Golden Duckwing etc. Because there are already females
with a range of shades that are accepted by the APA, the Standard Committee agrees that the females of
the CLB variety can also have a small amount of variation of color and this is reflected in the description the Committee is recommending.

As we reviewed the feathers, it was evident that there was not that much difference between the color of birds from various areas, and the challenge seemed to be more one of finding the right words to describe what is admittedly a complex color matrix.

Part of the difficulty is that what one person sees and refers to as "brown" will be what another person might call "mouse gray" or something else. It is apparent that whatever composite of brown and gray is present also gets lightened or highlighted by some lighter color which the group referred to as cream.

The Committee, as well as several other observing non-Dutch breeders, noted that there are varying degrees of gray tones on both the feathers and in the aggregate feathers on the birds. At the same time,
it was clear that the color should not be leaning heavily toward the gray hues of the Silvers, nor should it be too close to the Light Brown coloration.

Please discuss this with your club members and let us
know the results of that discussion. We would
recommend that this description be sent out in a newsletter or in some way that ALL members are aware
of our plans. If this seems reasonable to the club
members, we can wrap up the qualification of the CLB Dutch. "

Walt Leonard
Chair of the American Standard Revision Committee

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