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Posted by Ric Ashcraft, Ash-Ley Pines on March 30, 19103 at 09:23:08:

As Eastern Vice-President of the A.D.B.S. and a representative of the "Club" I feel compelled to address the issue of the latest "revisions" of the Constitution sent to the membership in the past several weeks.

I have received several phone calls and many e-mails from various members of the Club expressing their concern over the manner in which the ballot was presented to them. In all cases, the membership questioned "What choices do I actually have?" That has been my question as well. I can only explain the process which was followed in this process.

The Board of Directors was mailed a copy of the current Constitution, which was written many years ago and was badly in need of revisions to make it current with today's membership and trends in the poultry industry. The Board was asked to comment on changes. After much research on my part, and contacting many other breed clubs to determine a standardization of what other clubs were doing, I made three pages of recommendations to the Club Secretary for review. My suggestions addressed such issues as the Purpose of the Club, Membership, Education, Code of Ethics, Duties of Officers and Directors, Elections, Special Committees, Youth and how future Amendments of the Constitution should be proposed. The process sounded good to this point.

A meeting was held in Springfield, Missouri last year during the Eastern Nationals. What is surprising to me is when the new ballot was presented it discussed quorums. At the Springfield meeting there was not a quorum to discuss or even approve any of the proposals. The meeting was comprised of the President and three District Director's. Although I was in Springfield I was unable to attend the meeting at their scheduled time. Most of my proposals were dismissed at the meeting and I was informed the following day it was decided my suggestions were not approved. End of discussion. What was decided at the meeting by a few was then again sent to the Board for review and the voting process. The unfortunate thing was I was unable to attend the meeting to explain my reasoning for the suggestions I had proposed. The "new" proposal was again sent to the Board for review and approval. Unfortunately we had Director's who did not return their ballots for the vote and again a small group of officers have decided the fate of the Club. Again, the general membership is not given adequate voice in Club matters. Again, you have only been given choices, if you can call them that, as those which were decided by a small group of the total membership. Now those proposals have been what the Club membership has received, prompting the calls and concerns from you.

I have questioned from day one about the unnecessary layers of Officers we have, in light of never being given any projects to do, and no real purpose to the Club since virtually everything that happens within the Club is dictated by the President and Secretary. Now the provision has been made for the Past-President to become a Board member with voting rights. What in the world will this benefit? Again, another unneeded layer of red tape.

To those members out there who have expressed your concerns in the direction of the Club...I apologize, I tried. My suggestion at this point is to vote for change in the upcoming Fall elections.

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