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Posted by CJR on March 18, 19103 at 15:51:11:

In Reply to: original importation of Dutch Bantam posted by John Fugate on March 18, 19103 at 14:01:13:


Jack, What a wonderful day, to hear from you!! Last I heard about you, was at Anna Banning's when she lived at Waardenburg--1996. And I have your Netherlands Road map that you left at her house, shortly before that visit in Holland. I have used it every trip to Holland! So now I can thank you for it!

Yes, your lovely Dutch have been corrupted, but LeJean Marshall still has some, kept separate, never outcrossed, offspring, from birds obtained in TN, years ago! Silvers are still SILVER!

There have been some imports from Holland's finest exhibition Dutch, 1993, 1999, 2001, best of the Patrijs and Zilverpatrijs, that are now being seen across the country, never outcrossed! (But once they leave, cannot count on selective breeding continuing)! These birds would be well accepted at any Show in The Netherlands today, whereas the older line birds being shown in the U.S. would not get a score above O or M.

What a pleasure to hear from you. I have the article you wrote for the Poultry Press years ago.

The Dutch Bantam as bred and exhibited in Holland has been a goal since my first visit to Anna Banning in 1992, and her arrangement of visits to Dutch Bantam breeders to see the real glamour bird of Holland! The difference in those birds and the ones raised and exhibited in the U.S. is still great--but the gap is closing--and certainly, before many more years, the breed will be closer to uniform in both countries (as well as England, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, South Africa). Just over two years ago, 5 judges from Holland came over to England and judged the Dutch at the Annual Meet at Stafford in England--and the birds were VERY GOOD.

I, too, have put on a few years, but hope to breed Dutch Bantams until our quality would warrant bringing judges from Holland/England to go over our birds and find them GREAT Welcome to the website! Thank you so much for writing. CJR

I believe that I am the original importer of the Dutch Bantam into the US..
: I am ageing and my memory is not as good as it once was..
: There was a Mrs Roberts from the New York area who imported - perhaps in the 1930's? I contacted her and found that the breed had been hopelessly crossed and was lost.
: I contacted Mev Anna Banning-Vogelpoel in Holland and arranged to have eggs sent to Lawrence Krause of Gillett, WI. Lawrence hatched the eggs and I picked up a cock and 5 pullets in Wisconsin and brought them to TN. My cock turned out to be sterile and Lawrence sent me his cock. I raised several and put them into the hands of interested breeders. They again became crossed with Old English..I became disgusted and gave up on the breed
: I paid Mrs Banning with a shipment of poultry from Dale English's flock (Terre Haute, IN). Lawrenc Krause never raised any Dutch to my knowledge!
: I still have correspondance re Dutch Bantams if the club would like me to send it! jf

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