The Fate of the CLB

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Posted by Ash-Ley Pines...Ric Ashcraft on March 03, 19103 at 19:25:59:

I spent last week in England and Norway and while there had the opportunity to look at the Dutch with a primary focus on the CLB's.

I am hear to tell you there is a vast difference in back color on the females in Europe as opposed to the CLB's here in the states, not to mention type too, but that is another story. I assure you it is not a "creamy brown". That would be an ill-colored LB wouldn't it?

Becasue I only breed the "true" Holland type of Dutch and I can be assured they have never been crossed with any other breed, I feel safe to say my birds look exactly like the European Dutch birds. I guess that would account for the color difference in those "pure" bred Dutch which are far and few between here in the states and those which have been crossed with the O.E. and God only knows what else which are the breeders dictating the current wording of the standard. These are the American breeders which are trying to create an American hybred bird by calling it their version of the CLB Dutch.

I have never understood some of the Club officer's opinion in this matter, and be assured, never will. Why would you want to change the standard as written in Europe for the American Dutch Bantam Club?
Pure and simple....most have never seen the purebred CLB Dutch and it is very easy to create a standard based on what you breed. If the color is wrong from the beginning it will always be wrong. Law of genetics.

I urge everyone to step back, take a breath and put this whole issue of CLB on the back burner until it can be discussed as a whole, not just by some, not by just one show, (which by the way is not a fair process as not all breeders from all across the U.S. can attend a show other than possibly the National,) get a good cross-section of breeders and judges throughout the states to re-visit this concern. Remember, what you put in writing today as a Standard will be very difficult if possible at all in the future to change. I thought that was a lesson learned once when the same "mis-written" standard was adopted for the BLB?

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