Dutch Bantams in South Africa

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Posted by CJR on August 30, 19102 at 20:18:35:

In Reply to: Re: Some Questions posted by Elmari on August 13, 19102 at 04:44:40:

:Elmari, There is a new Dutch Bantam Club in South Africa and it may be possible to obtain some new birds with their help. I have written to you directly with the address of the Secretary
of the Club. Sorry, I did not see your response earlier. There are some websites that may be helpful to you, if you read Dutch language. CJR

CJR, thank you for the info, especially the info regarding Marek's desease. I was amazed to note the number of deseases poultry can get.
: I now need to replace my male, but I am now unable to find any Dutch Bantams (male or female), but I will keep on looking!!!

: Elmari

: : :Elmari, Your little hen will not sit on her eggs until she has finished laying a "clutch", which may be any number of eggs, which is normal for that particular hen. Some lay 12-15
: : bfore they sit to hatch, but some lay as many as
: : 40! And while most Dutch Bantam hens do "sit", some do not ever--nonsetters. So gather and write the date on your eggs as she lays them. Keep them in an egg carton in a cool place until she does sit. Then, since Dutch hens can only cover safely and hatch 5-8 eggs, depending on her size, you can put the freshest last eggs she lays, under her for hatching.

: : But about your rooster--I cannot guess what is wrong with him???Could it be a form of Marek's Disease, which causes paralysis and eventual death, but birds eat normally, as long as they have food before them, until they are no longer able to.

: : Can you contact the person you got the birds from?--might have an answer--or another male, for you. Sorry, I would replace him, if you had gotten him from me! CJR

: :
: : We recently stumbled accross these lovely LB or BLB bantams, and we bought ourselves a pullet and cockerel.

: : : We really wanted to start breeding them (as a hobby), but it seems we are doing something wrong.
: : : She started laying eggs, but she did not sit on it to hatch. What could be the problem?

: : : Another thing; can Bantams have strokes? Our cockerel, when crowing, fell over. We thought his crow was bigger than his body! It gradually got worse and we took him to the vet, but he could not give us a reason as to why this was happening. He now constantly lies on his back and when we are near, we will help him back on his feet. But it will not be for long!
: : : He still eats fine, but no crowing anymore.
: : : Does any one have some answers?

: : : Thanks
: : : Elmari

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