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Understanding The Light Brown Dutch Color

By Jean Robocker

It may be difficult for "new" Dutch Bantam owners to learn the varieties (color-names), as they are different from OEG, with which many people identify. The oldest known variety of Dutch Bantams is the Light Brown. It is similar to, but lighter in color, than the wild Jungle Fowl, to which the Dutch Bantam is believed to be closely related. Unlike the Black Breasted Red variety in a number of other breeds, the Light Brown Dutch Bantam has black striping on hackle and saddle. The correctness of the striping is one feature that breeders of show birds will critique. The black breast of the Light Brown Dutch will be solid black with no flecks of red (or white). The females are a soft brown with black peppering on the feathers and gold hackle with black striping. The Light Brown of the Dutch Bantam is similar to the Light Brown color of the Light Brown Leghorn breed. There is acceptable variation in the female body color, lighter or darker, as the variation in hackle and saddle color of the male may vary in intensity, also, dark gold to orange-red, but always "flashy". The Light Brown Dutch is the variety most widely bred and seen at Poultry Shows.


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