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Understanding The Blue Light Brown Dutch Color

By Jean Robocker

If you finally learned the variety name LIGHT BROWN Dutch Bantam, which doesn't look light brown at all, you will find it easier to remember the variety name BLUE LIGHT BROWN, but not much easier! This variety has the same pattern as the LB, with orange-gold hackle and saddle, with black striping, nice red back, but all other parts that are Black on the LIGHT BROWN are BLUE on the Blue Light Brown Dutch Bantam. The American Dutch Bantam Society is now struggling with the variety description in the American Bantam Society Standard description of this variety of Dutch Bantam. And this is an important function of the ADBS until the color description is corrected in the ABA Standard. The American Poultry Association Standard has it right. With everything that is black on the LB Dutch becoming Blue on the BLB, the male has beautiful Blue breast (darker blue laced) and Blue Tail. The female is still a little brown-bodied bird with lovely gold hackle, salmon breast, but instead of black stippling, she has BLUE stippling and Blue tail. (Please note that the ABA description of a Blue body with brown stippling is WRONG.) They can be bred this way, but in one generation, it can be corrected. In Holland, the Dutch Bantam, BLAUWPATRIJS, is described more closely to the APA standard. The breeding of the Blue Light Brown Dutch Bantam is best done by breeding a Light Brown to a Blue Light Brown. The brightest colors are maintained by breeding this way. The results of breeding Blue Light Brown to Blue Light Brown results in some birds in the BLBSplash color --I will talk about Splash later, and any Blue Light Brown offspring are likely to have paler color gold hackle and saddle and perhaps a lighter red back. And females will also be paler in color. The Blue Light Brown Dutch is truly a beautiful bird!



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