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Graphic Examination of varieties Standard and Non-standard
in the United States of America.

The Dutch "Type"

Light Brown

The Light Brown color
pattern is recognized by
both the American Poultry
Assoc. (APA) and the American
Bantam Assoc.(ABA). The
Light Brown color pattern
is among the best
developed varieties of
Dutch Bantam in North America.

The pattern is similar to the Light Brown in Leghorns.

Article on Light Browns


Blue Light Brown

Blue Light Browns have the same basic color pattern as the Light Brown. The difference is the addition of a blue gene that turns the black areas a steely gray. The blue dilution gene adds dark lacing to the breast of the male and also creates a tan tone in the stippled brown areas of the female.

Blue Light Brown is recognized by both the APA and ABA.

Article on Blue Light Browns


The Silver Dutch is a striking bird. The color is recognized by both the APA and ABA. This pattern is similar to the Light Brown except the red has been replaced by a bright silver color.


Self Blue
Red shouldered White

This variety is not currently recognized in either the APA or ABA Standards. It is similar in appearance to the Red Pyle color pattern but is arrived at through a different gene combination.

Cream Light Brown
Blue Cream Light Brown
Black Breasted Red

This pattern is not recognized by either the APA or the ABA. It is being developed by some U.S. Breeders and is quite striking.


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