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Champion Row!

This time we have a series of shots from the new Cascade Spring Show in Monroe, Washington (N.E. of Seattle.) We had a great time at the show and would like to congratulate the folks that invested their time and energy to put it on. Nice Job!

Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Paul Tourtellot prepares a Barred Rock Bantam for the show.

Betsy Hadley visits with a friend, David MacNiven of British Columbia, Canada.

Paul Wiser, clerking and the judge examining a fine bird.

Judge Ken Cooke surveys the aisles.

Larry Giberson displays a blue tailed Buff Plymouth Rock. He is experimenting with this striking, non-standard color pattern.

A White Plymouth Rock Pullet and Cockerel by Loren & Betsy Hadley.

Several young men prepare for the showmanship competition.

Dennis Pearce staffs the American Dutch Bantam Society information table.

Last updated June 25, 1998.
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