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The Coop Partners With Powell's Books

To bring you the best selection of poultry, agriculture and pet books available.

Why Powell's?
We had the opportunity to enter into a similar relationship with Amazon.com or Borders Books, but we chose Powell's for several reasons.

  • Powell's is our favorite book store. The City of Books shop covers a square block several stories deep. In addition to a huge selection of new titles, Powell's does a brisk business in used books which means that browsing around we often find books we would like at fantastic prices. Poultry folks in the know visit Powell's regularly, treasure hunting for everything from antique "Standards" to out of print texts.
  • Powell's has great people - We have always had positive experiences shopping with Powell's.
  • Powell's does business with a great sense of ethics, acceptance of diversity, and participation in the communities where they are located. We believe that is worthy of consideration.
We are sure you will have as much fun with Powell's as we do. Now you can get your hands on great books regardless of where you are in the world...

Finding The Books

Editor's Picks



Powell's Home
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Editor's Picks

These are a few of the books I think provide a good background in each of their respective areas. The ones with hyper-links are regularly stocked by Powell's. If there isn't a hyper-link, you may still find a used copy of the book by browsing the Poultry Section of their site. In the mean time, I am working on Powell's to add the book to their regular purchase list.

Guide to Raising Chickens

Gail Damerow
340 pages - Paperback
A good general guide
to raising poultry including
info on care, feeding,
facilities, hatching and health.
Our recommendation for
the beginner.

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Your Chickens: A Kid's Guide To Raising And Showing

Gail Damerow
156 pages - Paperback
A good general guide
aimed at kids.
Features care, feeding
and appreciation of
chickens. (We know
some adults who have
really enjoyed this book too.) Our recommendation for

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The Chicken Health Handbook

Gail Damerow
344 pages - Paperback
The next best thing
to having a
Veterinarian in the
A "must have" for
anyone serious about

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Raising Poultry The Modern Way

Leonard Mercia
234 pages - Paperback
Good general book
focused on small scale
meat and egg production.

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A Few Selected Sections

Powell's Home
(Browse Everything!)

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